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The Broken Doll
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The Broken Doll
Once upon a time, there was a little girl named Lily who loved to explore the world around her.
One day, while playing in her backyard, she stumbled upon a broken doll lying in the grass. The doll had missing arms, ripped clothes, and a sad expression on her face.
Lily felt sorry for the broken doll and decided to fix her up. She gathered some glue, fabric, and a needle and thread, and began to work her magic. She glued the arms back on, patched up the ripped clothes, and gave the doll a new hairstyle. The doll looked almost brand new, but Lily felt that something was missing.
Then she had an idea. She rummaged through her mother's sewing kit and found some leftover fabric. She spent the entire afternoon measuring, cutting, and stitching together a beautiful dress for the doll. She even made a tiny purse to match!
When Lily finished, she presented the doll with her new outfit, and the doll's face lit up with joy. Lily was thrilled to see the doll so happy, but she was also tired from all the hard work.
As she headed back inside, she heard a strange noise coming from the doll. It was a tiny voice, saying, "Thank you, Lily, for fixing me and making me beautiful again."
Lily was surprised to hear the doll talk, but she was also excited. She picked up the doll and danced around the room with her, singing and laughing. The two became fast friends, and they went on many adventures together, always looking for new things to discover.
From that day on, Lily's backyard was filled with laughter and joy, and the broken doll had found a new home and a new friend. And every time Lily looked at the doll, she couldn't help but smile, knowing that she had helped bring happiness to someone else's life.

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That's cute, Bastty. Very creative.
(02-27-2023, 09:49 PM)Judel Wrote:

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That's cute, Bastty. Very creative.
Thank you. That's my first "novel". Smile
Well, was fun, but no further future as a writer Smile

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