Esther's Wish (PG)
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Esther's Wish (PG)
Here is an excerpt for my newest fanfiction based on Disney's Wish:

At first she could do nothing but stare at the empty display stand.  It couldn’t register at first the book was gone, leaving only a clean rectangle surrounded by a thin layer of dust.  Blinking a few times, she leaned down to look under the wooden base and then finally at the floor, slowly beginning to panic.
“Where’s my book?” No one had access to this chamber, where she’d spent years perfecting her magic. The panic coalesced into dread when it suddenly occurred to her there was one other person who she’d let into the room.  “No,” she muttered softly.  It couldn’t be him. Could it?
Tears threatened as she went in search of Magnus, for the first time regretting choosing him as her apprentice.  If he’d actually stolen her book of spells, she’d turn the world upside down to find him…
Esther stood at the bow of the ship as the kingdom appeared before her in the distance.  It took decades, much longer than she’d expected, to find Magnus.  It hadn’t occurred to her that he would change his name, though it didn’t really surprise her that he’d made himself a king and even had a queen.  A pang of melancholy shot through her heart, hoping there wouldn’t be children. There was a time Esther thought that she and Magnus would get married and start a family. She thought he’d loved her, but she’d had years to realize he’d only used her to get the book.
After all, he’d found her because he needed help in avenging his family. He’d seen her use her magic to destroy the thieves who’d stolen his home and killed his parents.  She’d let him into her life and eventually her bed. She chided herself now, knowing he was too young to handle an adult relationship, let alone one with a sorceress such as herself.  Esther had always held herself at arm’s length from everyone, but Magnus was so charming and handsome.  His cockiness was endearing, and she fell hard.  She’d never known love before, and it chipped away at her resolve.
She opened herself to him, letting him see how she performed magic, even letting him read a few spells in the book, though she warned him to never touch them with his bare hands. She’d cautioned to always use Obsidian oil to protect him from the forbidden spells, and made him swear to never use them. She’d also shown him which spells were safe and how to use them. She’d written many of the spells and knew every page.  It was her life, and she felt empty being apart from it. Magnus would pay dearly for stealing the book from her.
Shaking her head angrily, she forced herself to think of him in better times. He was an excellent apprentice and absorbed everything she’d taught him. Her lower lip quivered as she remembered his face and piercing blue eyes. She missed that face and wiped a lone tear that escaped the corner of her eye.  She wondered how the years had treated him, and if he was still as handsome as she remembered.
Esther and the others were welcomed as they stepped out onto the dock.  One of the townspeople gave them a tour of the kingdom, letting them all know how Magnus, who now went by King Magnifico, would accept their wish when they turned 18 and could possibly grant it at their monthly wishing ceremony.   Esther almost snorted at the admission and quickly covered her face with her hands. Seriously? Where did he keep all these wishes? If she could get her hands on those, she could easily take back her book.
She couldn’t hold back the smile at everyone’s excitement.  They all looked so happy.  Gazing up at his statue, her lower lip quivered.  They had his likeness everywhere, from the statue to banners and a huge mural painted on the ground.  Apparently, his dark hair had gone silver, but he was still gorgeous. She got lost in his ice blue eyes for a moment and had to shake herself.
Breaking off from the tour, Esther wandered closer to the castle.  She needed to meet this King Magnifico as soon as possible.  She chuckled softly at the horrible name he’d chosen.  Why didn’t he just call himself magnificent?  She’d made the mistake of using that word to describe him on more than one occasion. He’d clearly taken it to heart.
She sucked in her breath as she hit an invisible wall. Confused at first, she flung her arms out in front of her, trying to feel it.  Her hands felt nothing but air.  She leaned forward and stretched out as far as she could.  Nothing stopped her, but she was unable to move her feet to walk closer.  It hit her then that Magnus had put a protection spell on his castle to keep her out.  His clumsy attempt, however, only prevented her from walking inside the boundary, but it wouldn’t stop her from being carried across.  Now who could she convince to do that?

It is in the Downloads for all members to read for free.

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