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What type of covers do you prefer? - Judel - 04-29-2023

When you think about a book cover, what type do you like?  Ones with a man and a woman embracing, or do you like just random images with text, or something that represents the story itself?

When I create covers for my book, I do tend to put the main character(s) on the cover.  I try to avoid heads, so the reader can picture what the character(s) look like, as well as not needing model releases.  When I was creating the covers for my

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saga and needed someone to portray Drew,

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, gave me permission to use any photos I wanted from the selection he provided.  He was just getting started and wanted as much publicity as he could get, but I think he does charge now.  So Jason was my Drew on 2 of those books as well as on my site for many years (he's since been replaced by Fionn from

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.  I actually paid an artist on Fiverr to create Fionn. I have also purchased photos as well as finding royalty free photos, which is ideal.

I try to add a bit of mystery to my covers, like with Forgotten but not Gone and Painful Reflections by adding eyes. I really like how the effect turned out on

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.  I think that works for giving a premise of someone watching you.  It's fun combining different images into one seamless cover, though it can also be tricky.

I look forward to helping someone else bring their cover vision to life.